Speed Hump Buying Guide

With a wide range of speedhumps, it can difficult to know what product would be best suited for your business, carpark or roadway.

This guide is a simple breakdown of the differences between our speedhumps and where each one is best suited.



• Our RS350 range are made from a crush resistant rubber and come in a rounded or squared style.

• This speedhump can be considered a low impact, low level speed hump and while it will have a significant effect if driven over at high speed, its effect can best be described as a reminder of the speed limit.

• This speedhump is perfect for low-high traffic carparks and shopping centres.




• Our SH50 and SH75 ranges are made of a highly durable recycled thermoplastic and comes in a 50mm high or 75mm high model.

• This speedhump range can be considered a high impact enforcement speed hump as the high-density thermoplastic will force a car to a lower speed enforcing the limit.

• This range has a similar speedhump effect as road based concrete speedhumps.

• This speedhump range is perfect for low-high traffic carparks and shopping centres, especially in areas where speed control is more crucial.




• The rs900 and rs1100 speed humps are a much larger profiled speedhump made from crush resistant rubber.

• This speedhump range was designed for maximum visibility and to reduce car speeds to below 25km per hour.

• They are best suited for private roads and traffic thoroughfares, industrial complexes, shopping centres or areas with very high vehicle traffic or a greater need for speed control


 If you have any questions about our speedhump ranges or any other products please call our experiences sales team on 1300 76 44 77

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