How bike racks can contribute to your business' sustainability rating

Sustainability is an essential consideration for modern businesses as it's looked upon positively by stakeholder and employees.

At PWS we can supply and install infrastructure that encourages sustainability practices and in turn will gain your business a better green star rating.


What is a Green Star Rating?  

The Green Star rating system is an internationally recognised sustainability rating for Australian construction operations, buildings and communities. The rating system allows us to recognise the commitment to sustainability undertaken by businesses and property managers. This rating can be improved in variety of ways that largely include implementing infrastructure that minimise resource consumption and facilitate transport alternatives for staff or residents. Due to this, sufficient bike storage facilities are a major positive contributor to the green star rating system.


How Bike Racks Contribute to the Integrated Transport System

Bicycle riding is already a popular form of transport - it costs nothing, improves health, generates zero carbon emissions and, for shorter journeys, can often be quicker than a car or public transport. Bike riding is a convenient and enjoyable option that benefits everyone, by improving access to towns and centres, reducing congestion and increasing capacity on the public transport system.  Safe parking is now easily accessible through apps and published maps, GPS trackers etc. essentially removing the inconvenience of security for your bike while visiting different areas. Providing secure bicycle parking to riders encourages a healthier environment and lifestyle.


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