Rockhampton ram raid proves importance of property protection


This video is the security camera footage taken from a ram raid in a Rockhampton service station and it’s an unfortunate risk that stores face. It isn’t uncommon that these ram raid crimes occur, and the immense force of a vehicle will always make easy work of a storefronts locked doors and roller shutters.

These crimes highlight the need for vehicle barriers and property protection systems. While roller shutters and door locks do a great job of deterring pedestrian intruders, they aren’t adequate in stopping vehicles.

At Premier Workplace Solutions our specialist sales and engineering teams can help in every step of the way in protecting your property against ram raids and other similar crimes.

Our wide range of bollards and u-bars are manufactured from thick steel that’s designed to deter traffic and protect property, while our on-site consultations will ensure our installed products are positioned for maximum efficiency. If you feel your business may need safety solutions or is potentially exposed to the dangers of these crimes don’t hesitate to call our experienced safety specialists are 1300 76 44 77.



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