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Height Clearance Curtain

  • Highly visible and audible alternative to our height clearance bars

  • Fitted with ‘Tinkle Bars’ to have an audible indication when exceeding height limitations

  • Designed for loud car parks and busy warehouses

  • Completely customizable product to suit your workplace environment

  • Tinkle Bars are powder coated white and fitted with reflective tape for high visibility

  • Rail is galvanised for rust protection then powder coated safety yellow for maximum visibility

The PWS Height Clearance Curtain is a highly audible and visible warning system for low clearance hazards. Designed to have a much higher audible indication when struck, the height clearance curtain is perfect for higher decibel carparks and warehouses where normal height clearance bars may not be as noticeable. Manufactured in Australia from galvanised steel for maximum corrosion protection, our height clearance curtain is made on request and therefore is completely customisable to suit your specifications.



HCC Height Clearance Curtain
Product Specifications

Rail Height Rail Depth Rail Length Tinkle Bar Specifications Wall Thickness Colour
HCC 115mm 42mm Customisable based on request Customisable based on request 3mm Safety Yellow Rail, White Tinkle Bars
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