Product Code: PF18/50
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PolyFlex Bollard - 510mm High

  • Stem manufactured from high strength 10mm thick polymer

  • Flexible internal baseplate that can withstand up to a 4 ton forklift at 4km/h

  • Internal baseplate allows for a clean design and prevents unauthorized tampering

  • Protects property and stops damage to concrete when collided with

  • UV resistant polymer stops colours fading from the sun

The PWS PolyFlex range includes flexible products made from 10mm thick high density polymer with an internal flexible base plates. These product offers heavy duty protection suitable for commercial warehouse environments and carparks, and can withstand the force of a 4 tonne forklift traveling at 4km per hour. This product is perfect for pedestrian and property protection and will stop concrete damage in the event of a collision. The internal base plate allows for a clean design and the UV resistant polymer enables this product top be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Part No.s

PF18/50 PolyFlex Bollard - 510mm High
PF18/117 PolyFlex Bollard - 1170mm High
PF18/130 PolyFlex Bollard - 1300mm High


Product Specifications

Diameter Height Wall Thickness Fixings
PF18/50 180mm 500mm 10mm 22mm DynaBolts
PF18/117 180mm 1170mm 10mm 22mm DynaBolts
PF18/130SZB 180mm 1300mm 10mm 22mm DynaBolts
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