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Half Dome Mirror

  • Available in 450mm and 600mm diameter

  • Long viewing distance - up to 30 meters

  • Maximum, full 180 degree view

  • Highly polished acrylic surface allowing for crystal clear image

  • Help to prevent theft in shops and public areas or to prevent accidents in busy hallways

  • Ideal for 4 way intersections or retail areas

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Fixings included

Our Half Dome Mirror Range grants over 90 degree visibility for up to 30 meters to reduce hazards and dissuade theft in stores and public areas. With a crystal clear image, this mirror works effectively maximises visibility when flat against any wall.




MIR450HD 450mm Half Dome Mirror
MIR600HD 600mm Half Dome Mirror
Product Specifications

Sizes in Range Utility Material Degrees of Visibility Added Extras
MIR/QD 450mm, 600mm Indoor Acrylic with Steel Frame Up to 90° Fixings for Wall Mounting
MIR/HD 450mm, 600mm Indoor Acrylic with Steel Frame Up to 180° Fixings for Wall Mounting
MIR/FD 450mm, 600mm, 900mm Indoor Acrylic with Steel Frame Up to 360° Fixings for Wall Mounting
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