Product Code: DB90/FSR
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90mm Flexible Removable Bollard

  • 90mm diameter steel removable bollard that will flex on vehicle impact

  • Save on repais of damaged concrete and replacement of bollards

  • Padlock operation

  • Powdercoated safety yellow as standard

Our flexible and removable bollard was born from the pain of replacing removable bollard that were constantly being hit and damaged by vehicles. This unique design features a sleeve that is concreted in-ground to give stability and security. The steel stem contains a 10mm thick steel spring under compression just above the locking mechanism.  A tension is applied to the spring such that a single person will have difficulty in flexing the bollard more than a few degrees.  When hit by vehicles, the stem will flex and the driver will know that they have hit something. The bollard will return to the vertical position after the vehicles moves away. It is not designed for high security access control, but for applications where standard removable bollards are being hit occasionally.



DB90/FSR 90mm Flexible Removable Bollard
Product Specifications

Diameter Product Height Installed Height Wall Thickness Removable? Baseplated or In-Ground Fixings
DB90/FSB 90mm 940mm 940mm 4mm No 250mm x 6mm Baseplate 4 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
DB90/FSI 90mm 1240mm 940mm 4mm No 300mm In-Ground N/A
DB140/FSI 140mm 1500mm 1100mm 5mm No 400mm In-Ground N/A
DB90/FSR 90mm 1240mm 940mm 4mm Yes, Padlock Operated 300mm In-Ground N/A
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