Product Code: BDC800/K
Product Availability: In stock

Defender Collapsible Bollard - Key Operated

  • Highly visible collapsible steel bollard

  • Control access to valuable parking spaces or lane ways

  • Keyed alike or keyed differently options and extra keys available on request

  • Master key systems available on request

  • Manufactured and assembled in Australia

  • High quality Dulux powdercoat finish

Our collapsable bollard range are stylish and simple to use bollards, designed to help control vehicle access to parking spaces and lane ways. Simply unbolt keyed system or padlock and fold unit down when not in use. The bollards sit only 85mm above ground when lying down and can easily fit under and standard car. For bitumen installations, we have an in-ground mounting kit available, as well personalised text on bollard upon request.




BDC800/P Collapsable Bollard - Padlock operated
BDC800/KD Collapsable Bollard - Key operated (Keys are different per bollard)
BDC800/KA Collapsable Bollard - Key operated (Keys are all the same for bollards)
Product Specifications

Depth Width Height Wall Thickness Baseplate Locking Mechanism Fixings
BDC800/P 50mm 150mm 800mm 3mm 200mm x 200mm x 6mm Padlock 4 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
BDC800/K 50mm 150mm 800mm 3mm 200mm x 200mm x 6mm Keyed 4 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
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