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Product Code: BKR4B1200
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Compact 4 Berth Bike Rack

  • Four bicycle capacity

  • Bolts down into solid surface

  • Easy installation

  • Hot dip galvanised for maximum corrosion protection

  • Powdercoat colours available on request

  • Complies with Australian standard AS2890.3-1993 granting class 3 security

Popular with cyclists as the leaning rail provides full support of the bicycle minimising the possibility of accidental damage. It also allows cyclists to securely locate the front or back wheel while allowing them to use a "U" lock to secure the frame and the other wheel to the leaning rail. Wheel supports have staggered heights which allows bicycles to be located with 300mm spacing rather than the normal 600mm with other racks, making the BKR4B1200  the logical choice when catering for and securing large numbers of bicycles, allowing for double the number that can be securely parked in a given area.

All of our bike racks comply with Australian standard AS2890.3-1993 giving the user a class 3 security level. For a bicycle rack to meet the Australian Standard the rack is required to enable the user to lock both wheels and the frame to the rack.




BKR4B1200 Compact 4 birth bike rack
Product Specifications

Depth Height Width Capacity Fixings
BKRSATURN3 880mm 880mm 1000mm 6 Bicycles 8 - 12mm x 65mm Dynabolts
BKRSATURN5 880mm 880mm 1480mm 8 Bicycles 8 - 12mm x 65mm Dynabolts
BKR4B1200 1068mm 830mm 1200mm 4 Bicycles 6 - 12mm x 65mm Dynabolts
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