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Multi Purpose Anti-Slip Mat

  • General purpose comfort and safety mat

  • Soft rubber compound relieves strains from constant standing

  • Honeycomb design provides grip in wet areas

  • Drainage holes leave mat surface dry, preventing slips

  • Bevelled edges eliminate trips or falls on mat edges

Our multi purpose mat is an economical mat for wet and dry work areas. It’s 12mm soft rubber design gives high comfort levels, while the perforations offer superior drainage in wet areas. This mat is ideal for kitchens, restaurants, bars and industrial work stations. The black mat is constructed from 100% natural rubber making it grease and chemical resistant, whilst the terracotta mat includes a nitrile composition making it more suitable for oily, greasy conditions.

Part No.s


MAP900/B 600x900 black anti-slip mat
MAP1500/B 600x1500 black anti-slip mat
Product Specifications

Width Length Height Suitable Use Edges
MAP900 600mm 900mm 10mm Wet and Dry Areas Black Beveled Edge
MAP1500 600mm 1500mm 10mm Wet and Dry Areas Black Beveled Edge
ENG35 1000mm 1500mm 22mm Wet and Dry Areas Black Squared Edge
ENG35/YEL 1000mm 1500mm 22mm Wet and Dry Areas Yellow Beveled Edges
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