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Premium Rubber Wheel Stop - 17kg

  • Manufactured for low, medium and high traffic areas

  • Highly visible, yellow or blue chevron markings

  • Blue chevrons for disabled parking

  • Lightweight economical to transport

  • Easy to install by one person

  • Tried and tested with 14 year track record

  • Comply with Australian standards AS2890.1

Wheel stops are an essential part of any car park, designed to prevent vehicles encroaching into an opposing parking space or vehicles accidentally making contact with a wall or high kerb.The wheel stop is moulded from a tough, recycled rubber compound and is finished with a highly visible yellow or blue chevron pattern. Three recessed 20mm diameter fixing points secure the wheel stops to the mounting surface to keep it in place. Fixings are available for concrete or bitumen.




RWS1650 Premium Rubber Wheel Stop - 17kg
Product Specifications

Width Height Length Material Utility Colours
RWS1650 150mm 100mm 1650mm Thick Combination Recycled and Natural Rubber Low, Medium and High Traffic Black with Yellow or Blue Chevrons
RWSECO 150mm 100mm 1650mm Thin Combination Recycled and Natural Rubber Low and Medium Traffic Black with Yellow or Blue Chevrons
MWS1650 150mm 100mm 1650mm Moulded Plastic Low and Medium Traffic Yellow, Blue and Grey
TRWS 150mm 150m 2000mm or 3000mm Galvanised Steel Trucks Only Galvanised Steel or Powder Coated
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