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RS900HD Speed Ramp Style Cable Protection

  • Increased ability to handle heavier and faster traffic

  • Manufactured from a high density non-conductive rubber compound

  • 2 large channels to suit cables and hoses of various sizes

  • Excellent adhesion to any road surfaces

  • Tapered end caps to avoid trip hazards

  • Bright yellow striping for excellent visibility

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

  • Independently crush tested

  • Anti-slip surface pattern

Our RS900HD rubber speed ramp is designed to offer protection to cables and hoses from small or large vehicles and pedestrian traffic. They are ideal for use in; Transport docks, Industrial areas, Mechanical workshops. They are simple to install with 10 fixing points per meter for great adhesion to the road surface. The ramps are supplied in 500mm wide modules which butt up against each other.  Create a ramp length to suit your needs.  To reducing trip hazards and use as a speed hump, finish off with a pair of tapered end caps.

Try to avoid installing speed humps on bends where vehicles may be turning on top of them as it will shorten their lifespan.




RS900HD/MODULE RS900HD Cable and Hose Protector
RS900HDEC RS900HD Tapered End Caps (Pair)
Product Specifications

Legth Height Width Cable Protection Channel Fixings
RS900 900mm (in direction of travel) 50mm 500mm No 6 – 12mm x 65mm and 5 - 12mm x 150mm Coach Screws
RS900HD 900mm (in direction of travel) 75mm 500mm Yes - 52mm x 42mm 4 – 12mm x 65mm and 1 - 12mm x 150mm Coach Screws
HRTHERMO 790mm (in direction of travel) 100mm 500mm Yes - 80mm x 90mm 4 – 12mm x 65mm Coach Screws
RS1100 1100mm (in direction of travel) 75mm 500mm No 6 – 12mm x 65mm and 7 - 12mm x 150mm Coach Screws
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