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10 Tonne Solar Road or Lane Markers

  • Trafficable, self-contained, rechargeable

  • Visible over 800 metres

  • Single or dual sided

  • Static or flashing modes

  • 10 tonne load rating

  • > 5 year expected lifespan

  • Zero maintenance or ongoing costs

  • Various colour options available

  • Automatic dusk to dawn lighting

  • 2 year warranty for faulty workmanship

Solar Road Markers or lane markers are a low-cost, self-contained, rechargeable, LED illuminated marker. Visible up to 800 metres they are used to reduce speed or signal driver attention to common features, hazards and dangerous bends on our roads. Commonly used on sharp corners, pedestrian refuges, traffic islands and dividing lines. The aluminium casings are rated to 10 tons, single or dual sided in static or flashing modes providing clear and visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. Multiple colour options are available. These units require no maintenance and generate no ongoing operational costs.





10 Tonne Solar Road or lane Markers
Product Specifications

Fixture Size Mounting Height Light Output Autonomy Recharge Finish
SORM10 105mm x 105mm x 23mm 23mm 48 lm > 5 nights 5 Hours Aluminum/polycarbonate
SORM20 130mm x 118mm x 23mm 23mm 48 lm > 5 nights 5 Hours Aluminum/polycarbonate
SORML 113mm Dia x 45mm 25mm 48 lm > 5 nights 5 Hours Toughened glass
SORMR 113mm Dia x 65mm 40mm 48 lm > 5 nights 5 Hours Toughened glass
SOFMSC01 136mm Dia x 52mm Flush with substrate 50 lm > 5 nights 3 Hours Antislip polycarbonate
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