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Product Code: HRC/COMP
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Quickclamp Handrail Individual Posts

  • Quickclamp is a build your own hand rail system

  • Modular rail design with simple locking connectors and footing plates

  • Rails can be purchased at custom lengths up to 8 metres

  • Custom rail lengths and connection components can be used to make rails to meet any specification

  • Simple allen key assembly

  • Bolt-down posts with yellow powdercoated steel uprights and cross rails

  • Galvanised for maximum rust protection

  • Powder coated safety yellow for maximum visibility as standard but cab be made into custom colours upon request

Quickclamp is a simple to assemble, no-weld, flexible design handrail system that can be used for a variety of applications.  We offer a variety of simple designs in kit form or sell individual parts for self assembly. The non-weld construction of Quickclamp allows the product to be customised in a variety of differing ways, either at the initial point of construction or later on. Simply undo the tightened clamping screws, add the desired pieces and tighten again.




HRC/IPBPC Quickclamp Bolt-Down Intermediate Post
HRC/JPBPC Quickclamp Bolt-Down Joiner Post
HRC/CPBPC Quickclamp Bolt-Down Corner Post
HRC/EPBPC Quickclamp Bolt-Down End post
HRC/JEPBPC Quickclamp Bolt-Down Joiner Post with End Return
HRC/RAILPC 6.5 Meter Length Yellow Steel Rail, 42mm Diameter


Our rail connection parts

             HRC101                                                             HRC104                                                              HRC116                                                                HRC119                                                             HRC125

            HRC128                                                            HRC131                                                                   HRC132                                                            HRC143                                                              HRC145

            HRC148                                                           HRC161                                                                   HRC169                                                             HRC173                                                              HRC176

            HRC191                                                            HRC247

Product Specifications

Post Diameter Post Height Wall Thickness Rail Lengths
HRC/COMP 40mm 1070mm (Top), 560mm (Mid) 3mm Customisable to your requirements
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