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EziGuard Expandable Safety Barrier

  • Durable steel design.

  • Smaller version is expandable up to 3.2 meters

  • Larger version is expandable up to 5.5 meters

  • Locking latch and handle allow for easy portability

  • Lightweight design for minimal handling strain

  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications

The expandable safety barrier is a durable, economical and portable barrier which is ideal for internal applications e.g. warehouses, factories and workplaces. This highly visible, black and yellow, scissor-action barrier expands from a compact 300mm up to 3.2 meters when fully extended. The 330mm wide feet and 975mm high steel design make this expandable barrier durable and sturdy at any extended length.




EXPB003 3.2 Metres - EziGuard Expandable Safety Barrier
EXPB005 5.5 Metres - EziGuard Expandable Safety Barrier
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