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Product Code: DPR
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Defender Post and Rail System

  • Strong steel protection for pedestrians & vehicles

  • Highly visible safety yellow finish

  • Custom matching gates can be made upon request

  • Shipped in component form for easy installation

  • Optional steel angle for extra protection at ground level (sizes on request)

  • Modular design allows damaged components to be replaced easily on request

  • Galvanised rail and hot-dip galvanised posts for maximum rust protection

Forklifts, cars, trucks and pedestrians just do not mix especially in a busy warehouse environment. Clearly designated pedestrian walkways and warning signs are a start, but for the truly safe workplace, there needs to be a physical barrier between the two. The system is easily customised to suit your needs. It's modular construction allows for both economical shipping and easy replacement of damaged components. It is easily assembled and provides a highly visual and effective barrier. A popular addition to the system is our pallet safety angle preventing intrusion from wayward pallets. Available in a variety of rail lengths.


Rail product Information

SKU Description
DPR/2 2 Metre Defender Rail
DPR/3 3 Metre Defender Rail
DPR/4 4 metre Defender Rail
DPR/6 6 Metre Defender Rail

Post Product information

SKU Description
DPR/BP Bolt Down Post
DPR/BPC Bolt Down Joiner Post
DPR/BPCNRE Bolt Down External Corner Post
DPR/BPCNRI Bolt Down Internal Corner Post


Product Specifications

Post Diameter Post Height Wall Thickness Rail Height Rail Depth Rail Length
DPRBS 90mm 1050mm 4mm 115mm 42mm Customisable based on request
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