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Product Code: 5CHRAMP
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5 Channel cable protector with ramps

  • Five channel cable and hose protector with plastic lid

  • Designed to comfortably protect 12-15 cables

  • Interlocking module system

  • Hinged plastic lid for easy access to cables

  • Made from non-conductive materials

  • 45 Degree angled turn modules are available

  • Checker plate pattern for increased traction

  • Fixing holes for more permanent applications

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Our 5 channel cable protector are designed to save your valuable cables and hoses from vehicle damage, while also providing safe passage for vehicles across potentially hazardous cables. Our cable protectors are non-conductive, plastic and polyurethane construction making them suitable for high volume pedestrian and low to medium volume, light to medium weight vehicle applications. This cable cover has a modular, interlocking design which allows you to construct cable protection systems to suit your needs.
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5CHRAMP 5 Channel cable protector with ramps
Product Specifications

Width Height Length Channel Size Cable Capacity Availability For Fixings?
2CHCP 250mm 45mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 2 - 30mmH x 30mmW 7 Yes
3CHCP 600mm 75mm 900mm Interlocking Lengths 3 - 50mmH x 55mmW 10 Yes
5CHCP 600mm 75mm 900mm Interlocking Lengths 5 - 50mmH x 40mmW 15 Yes
CP5CH 500mm 50mm 900mm Lengths with dog-bone connectors 5 - 35mmH x 32mmW 15 No
HOSE2CH 620mm 100mm 900mm Lengths with dog-bone connectors 2 - 76mmH x 90mmW 15 or 2 large hoses Yes
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