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Python Flexible Cable Cover - Large

  • The Python Flexible Cable Cover offers a flexible design solution

  • Holds up to 4 cables at one time

  • Curves, corners and s-curves are easily made while maintaining a flat profile

  • This cable protector offers a modular design which makes it easy to reconfigure, repair, and replace targeted segments.

  • Simple installation - no tools required.

  • Fully customizable length

The Python Flexible design articulates left and right—allowing the system to turn corners and adapt to the layout of the room, while maintaining full protection for the cables and trip protection for pedestrians.
The Python Flexible Cable Cover provides a cable protection system that is cost effective and economical enough to allow you to outfit your entire facility. The Python Flexible Cable Cover comes in standard lengths but because of the modular design and segmented construction, custom lengths can be created for any application.
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CPFLEX01 Python Flexible Cable Cover - Large
Product Specifications

Width Height Length Channel Size Cable Capacity Colours Available
CP12 135mm 20mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 12mmH x 40mmW 5 Black or Yellow
CP13 275mm 35mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 105mmW x 27mmH 10 Black or yellow
CP14 130mm 20mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 12mmH x 40mmW 5 Black or yellow
CPFLEX01 150mm 25mm 950mm Modular Lengths 20mmH x 28mmW 4 Black and Yellow Modules
CPFLEX02 80mm 15mm 950mm Modular Lengths 10mmH x 15mmW 2 Black and Yellow Modules
QFIT 76mm 15mm 980mm Modular Lengths 10mmH x 55mmW 3 Black, Yellow and Grey Modules
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