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Product Code: CP6
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CP6 Multi Cable Protectors

  • Durable extruded rubber design

  • Has the capacity for 4-5 power cables

  • This cable cover has one usable channels

  • Ideal for temporary and permanent applications

  • Available with or without hazard tape

  • Non-slip cleats on base and ramp faces

  • Cables easily inserted in seconds via slots underneath.

  • Can be cut to require length (minimum order 2 metres)

  • Discounted for 10 metre rolls.

Ideal for warehouse, factory and external applications, this cable protector is ideal for the protection of hoses.
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CP6 Multi Cable Protector
Product Specifications

Width Height Length Channel Size Cable Capacity Colours Available
CP2 70mm 16mm Cut to size 10mmH x 17.5mmW 2 Black or Yellow
CP3 90mm 20mm Cut to size 15mmW x 19mmH 4 Black
CP4 120mm 26mm Cut to size 15mmH x 23mmW 4 Black or Yellow
CP5 150mm 30mm Cut to size 2 - 20mmW x 20mmH 8 Black
CP6 150mm 48mm Cut to size 38mmW x 38mmH 5 Black
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