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CPDROP2 Dropover Cable Cover

  • Two channel drop-over cable protector with interlocking feature.

  • Designed to comfortably protect 4-5 cables

  • Comes in 1 meter inter-locking lengths

  • These cable covers are ideal for warehouse, office and pedestrian applications

  • Simply dropover top of cables

  • Anti-slip checker tread plate surface

A robust drop-over style cable protector, manufactured from non-conductive rubber with anti-slip tread. The protector is primarily designed for pedestrian use, but will cater for occasional light vehicle traffic.
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CPDROP02 2 Channel dropover cable cover
Product Specifications

Width Height Length Channel Size Cable Capacity Availability For Fixings?
CPDROP02 300mm 50mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 2 - 35mmH x 35mmW 5 No
CPDROP03 300mm 50mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 3 - 35mmW x 35mmH 7 No
2CHCP 250mm 45mm 1000mm Interlocking Lengths 2 - 30mmH x 30mmW 7 Yes
3CHCP 600mm 75mm 900mm Interlocking Lengths 3 - 50mmH x 55mmW 10 Yes
5CHCP 600mm 75mm 900mm Interlocking Lengths 5 - 50mmH x 40mmW 15 Yes
CP5CH 500mm 50mm 900mm Lengths with dog-bone connectors 5 - 35mmH x 32mmW 15 No
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