Product Code: BDF950SPIN
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Redback Flexible Traffic Pole

  • Bollard returns to vertical position after impact

  • Plastic design means no damage to vehicles when knocked

  • Highly visible orange stem with reflective banding

  • Features a unique screw-in installation mechanism

  • Quick and easy to install, with the ability to swiftly relocate

The BDF950 Spin flexible bollards are supplied with the concrete anchor which then accepts the M16 thread on the bottom of the bollard.  To install the anchor we drill about a 20-24mm hole and use chemset/epoxy to glue in. Once set, the stem is simply screwed in.  We have a tool (one supplied with each order) which is inserted into a hole on the side of the base giving you some leverage to tighten the base.
A small amount of loctite on the thread would also help prevent tampering if considered an issue.




BDF950SPIN Redback Flexible In-Ground Traffic Pole
Product Specifications

Diameter Product Height Flexible? Baseplated or In-Ground Fixings
BDF750 75mm top of stem 90mm at base 750mm Yes 195mm Baseplate 3 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
BDF1000 90mm 1000mm Yes 195mm Baseplate 4 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
BDF950SPIN 80mm 950mm Yes 70mm In-Ground N/A
TCTT 100mm 1150mm No 400mm x 15mm Baseplated N/A
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