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Flexible Steel Bolt Down Bollard Range

  • An internally welded, steel spring allows the bollard to flex on impact

  • Bollard absorbs the force of the collision and minimises damage to the bollard

  • Bollard returns to vertical position after impact

  • Excellent for high traffic car parks where bollards are at greater risk of collision

  • Comes in 90mm and 140mm diameter sizes

  • Steel Bollards greatly reduces damage to concrete surface

  • Bolt-down and concrete in-ground versions available

  • Powder-coated safety yellow for higher viability

  • Hot-dip galvanized for maximum rust and corrosion protection

They look just like an ordinary steel bollard to the untrained eye, but in fact they’re flexible. An internally welded, steel spring allows the bollard to flex on impact, absorbing the force of the collision and minimising damage to the bollard. Fewer damaged bollards means a cost saving on replacements. These bollards are ideal for locations where collisions with vehicles occur on a frequent basis.

Our impact absorbing bollards (IAB’s) feature an internal 10mm steel compression spring under tension that allows the bollard to flex slightly under impact, thereby absorbing the collision.

Part No.s


DB90/FSB 90mm diameter flexible bolt-down bollard
DB140/FSB 140mm flexible bolt-down bollard
Product Specifications

Diameter Product Height Installed Height Wall Thickness Removable? Baseplated or In-Ground Fixings
DB90/FSB 90mm 940mm 940mm 4mm No 250mm x 6mm Baseplate 4 – 12mm x 65mm DynaBolts
DB90/FSI 90mm 1240mm 940mm 4mm No 300mm In-Ground N/A
DB140/FSI 140mm 1500mm 1100mm 5mm No 400mm In-Ground N/A
DB90/FSR 90mm 1240mm 940mm 4mm Yes, Padlock Operated 300mm In-Ground N/A
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